Members of this fellowship strive to live in accordance with biblical standards for manhood, motivating each other to grow in their spiritual strength

Mission Statement

The primary mission of Kingdom Man (KMN) is to empower men, through a biblical model of manhood, to reach their fullest potential. True success is achieved by being strong and obedient to God’s Word.

Who We Are

Kingdom Man (KMN) is a network of Christian men that minister to the unique needs of men. Employing a biblical model of manhood, KMN seeks to empower men to fulfill their God ordained-purpose as men. Whatever the role, husbands, fathers, or brothers, we are here to provide strength and support.

Guiding Principles

Meeting Time

The Kingdom Man Network (KMN) meets the third Saturday of every month @ 9:00 am at Abundant Life Miracle Center, 1901 Garden Street, New Bern, NC.

Kingdom Men are ordinary men through whom God will do the extraordinary because they choose to ‘seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness.’
Dr. Tony Evans

Scriptural Perspective

To learn what a Kingdom Man is, we can look to 1 Kings 2:1-3 for a profound foundation. In this scripture, King David is near death and giving instructions to his son Solomon, who is the heir to his throne. David says, “I am going where everyone on earth must someday go. Take courage and be a man. Observe the requirements of the Lord your God, and follow all his ways. Keep the decrees, commands, regulations, and laws written in the Law of Moses so that you will be successful in all you do and wherever you go.” (NLT)

Solomon is instructed to exhibit characteristics that are foundational to God’s design for manhood as he takes the throne. It is not that he was not a man before coming to the throne; rather, David’s counsel to his son is to demonstrate who he really is on the inside, who God created him to be. He is to demonstrate Biblical manhood by being strong and obedient.

Even though society has oscillated in its opinion of manhood, God’s word has remained constant. We welcome you to join us as we explore God’s blueprint of a Kingdom Man: