Mission Statement

Bringing women together to foster wholesome relationships that strengthen, heal, and encourage in order to build a community of women empowered to change a generation.

Who is a Kingdom Woman?

A Kingdom Woman is a woman who, through Jesus Christ, is subject to the rule of the eternal and sovereign God. She is a woman who understands and exercises her God-given authority to live in the earth as “more than a conqueror.” She seeks daily to be transformed by God’s truth and moves forward in the abundant life that God has so richly provided through His Son, Jesus Christ. A Kingdom Woman embraces her purpose, power, and possibilities to impact those under her influence. She is a woman clothed in strength and dignity, a woman of excellence and spiritual beauty.


Meeting Time

Kingdom Woman meets the second Friday, monthly, at 7:00 PM at Abundant Life Miracle Center, 1901 Garden Street, New Bern, NC.

The Kingdom Woman is not a perfect woman. She is a transforming woman…what sets a Kingdom Woman apart from any other woman boils down to her fear of God.
Dr. Tony Evans